GE Fanuc / VMIC VMIACC-AD242X PB16H, HC, HE, HQ, PB16J, K, L

The VMIACC-AD242X series are cable adapter boards used to route signals from the Digital IO mounting racks from OPTO 22, Gordos, or Crydom. This will simplify system wiring, which will reduce wiring errors. Since VMIC digital IO boards can handle more channels than what one of these mounting racks can, cables are split between two of the IO racks and the VMIC digital board. However, the rack signals are routed to the VMIC digital board in a systematic order.


Mounting Rack Adapter Board Interface Cable Typical VMIC IO Boards Comments
PB16H, HC, HE, HQ, PB16J, K, L AD2422-200 000-64-###* 2120, 2170A, 2510B, 2528 Mixing of modules is not typically done



Category Cable Adapter Boards
Manufacturer GE
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