Lenovo 8753-A3x System x3750 M4 (8753)

The Lenovo System x3750 M4 (machine type 8753) is a 4-socket server featuring a streamlined design, optimized for price and performance, with best-in-class flexibility and expandability. Models of the x3750 M4, machine type 8753, are powered with Intel Xeon E5-4600 v2 processors, up to 12 cores each, for an entry-level 4-socket solution. The x3750 M4 provides maximum storage density, with flexible PCI and 10 Gb Ethernet networking options in a 2U form factor.

Suggested uses: High performance computing (HPC), workloads with floating-point computations, and small to medium databases requiring fast IO; applications that require 4-socket performance without needing the scalability that the X6 systems provide.

Category Rack Servers
SKU lenovo-8753-a3x-system-x3750-m4-8753-2
Manufacturer IBM
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